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DTL Shotgun Match

APSC regularly hosts Down The Line (DTL) shotgun matches, typically on a fortnightly basis.

A standard DTL match involves participants shooting 25 clays each, with a maximum of 5 participants competing simultaneously (1 participant on each of the 5 stations) Fewer participants may compete simultaneously depending on the turnout of each scheduled match.

After each clay is shot, participants will rotate to the next station from left to right. For safety reasons, we ask that participants have their shotguns broken open with the chambers empty to ensure no accidental discharges occur when moving from one station to the next. Also, when moving from station 5 back to station 1 we ask that participants walk in front of the spectators tables and chairs with the barrels facing towards the ground in front of them. The same safety principle applies with shotguns being broken open and chambers empty.

The clay launcher oscillates and rotates with each and every clay launched, which adds a degree of difficulty and surprise to each clay launched. For beginners and those that are new to the DTL discipline, the launcher can be set to "straight away" meaning clays are launched collinearly with station 3 at a fixed height. This will allow newcomers and beginners to hone in their accuracy before competing in a standard match.

A maximum of 2 shells are to be loaded when preparing to take aim and shoot at your designated clay. For those that like to set themselves a challenge, 1 shell may be loaded; just make sure you don't miss your clay.

The scoring system is as follows:

Clay hit with first shell - 3 points

Clay hit with second shell - 2 points

Clay missed with both shells - 0 points

The maximum score that can be achieved in a DTL match is 75 points.

If you have any general questions you'd like to ask regarding the DTL Shotgun Match, please do not hesitate to call the Adelaide Pistol & Shooting Club on (08) 8520 2666 for more information.

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